Deer Team Up To Stomp Out Inflatable Reindeer Decorations In Front Yard

Deer stomp decorations

We haven’t seen a beatdown of front yard reindeer this bad since Chevy Chase had a mental and emotional breakdown after his decorative lights didn’t work in Christmas Vacation.

Most people love the holiday season, but if you were to ask these deer, they’d probably say they aren’t huge fans of the commercialization of their species. That’s why they took matters into their own hands (or hooves) and decided to pop the front yard, inflatable reindeer decorations.

In the video, two deer can be seen fighting one another while also stomping down the blow-up reindeer decor in this random, leaf-filled front yard. At one point, the deer abandoned the differences they had and went together to slam their hooves into the reindeer inflatable.

Set to the beloved Christmas song “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer,” these deer go to town on the X-mas lawn decorations, and it’s honestly the perfect way to ring in the holiday season.

Check it out:

What says Merry Christmas more than some regular ole deer being upset about some blow-up reindeer?

If Rudolph was, in fact, leading the sleigh in those decorations, I’m not sure he made it through the deer attack. It looks like the two smaller deer really put a beating on the inflatable deer in the front, so hopefully Santa has a bright-nosed backup to lead the sleigh.

Social media users on X (formerly Twitter) got a kick out of the deer kicking out the blow-up reindeer decorations, sending out replies underneath the post saying:

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