Travis Hunter Caught A Beauty Largemouth Bass On Deion Sanders’ Private Pond

Travis Hunter fishing

Primetime’s country boy side is easily my favorite.

I don’t need to tell you that Deion Sanders has pretty much been the top story line in college football this year since taking over as head coach of the University of Colorado. Although they finished a disappointing 4-8 after racing out to a 3-0 start, Coach Prime was still awarded SI’s Sportsperson of the Year and the team is looking forward to making another big stride next season after missing out on a bowl this year.

Admittedly, the offseason didn’t start as hot as Deion may have imagined as he just called off his engagement to longtime partner Tracey Edmonds after 12 years together, but it seems Deion is getting back to his roots to center himself from all the madness that surrounds his life.

Deion and star two-way player Travis Hunter are spending some quality time together at Sander’s house in Florida and the two have gotten themselves into a fishing competition and it seems as if Hunter has raced out to an early lead.

Obviously, we know Deion is an avid fisherman and was even arrested for fishing at a private airport lake back when he first got into the NFL, so it’s safe to say he’s probably not going to take losing so well.

Yesterday, Deion posted a video of Travis catching a big old largemouth, but in the caption he put a message to Travis that tomorrow it was game on:

“(Travis) really thinks he can beat me fishing. I’m trying to be a good host but tomorrow it’s on!”

Probably not 5 pounds, but a beauty of a fish, no doubt.

Well, this morning while Deion was making breakfast, Travis got out on the water early and hooked up with another largemouth and this one was an absolute MONSTER. Granted, it is a private stocked pond, but still the size of that baby is truly outrageous.

I’m guessing it’s close to 7 pounds, but it’s hard to tell just from a video… could be more.

Good on Travis for reeling them in, but if we know anything about Deion, he’ll be out on the water all day to get a bigger one…

How do you get an invite to Lake Prime? Asking for a friend…

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