Truck Driver Accidentally Plows Into Herd Of Sheep On Dark Road In Horrific Viral Dashcam Footage

Truck hits sheep

I’ll get ahead of it and say that this poor driver couldn’t do anything about this, but man is it hard to watch.

A video has been absolutely blowing up online recently which shows just how dangerous driving a big rig at night can be, but it’s not for one of the reasons you may think.

Last September, an Australian truck driver for Collins Trucks Adelaide was driving on a two lane highway late at night. All seemed calm and he was peacefully cruising down the highway when he began to see something strange on the road just ahead of his headlights.

The driver flicked on his high beams and was horrified to see a flock of seemingly thousands of sheep trying to cross the highway. He slammed on the brakes but it was much too late and the truck plowed head on into the herd.

The sound of bodies getting crunched under the tires is hard to listen too and it’s pretty clear that a lot, and I mean a lot, of sheep lost their lives that night.

The Daily Mail reported that the driver was fine and that the company maintained the driver did nothing wrong.

A company employee said:

“It’s not often you get a farmer moving a flock of sheep at 10 o’clock at night.”

Brutal to watch and just another reason why we need to respect the men and women who drive these giant trucks on the daily. It’s a tough job for all sorts of reasons, but one no doubt is the roads will always be unpredictable.

Truck Driver Wrestles Wild Turkey Out Of Truck… Only For It To Get Smoked By Oncoming Traffic

I have some questions…

My first would be how the hell did a wild turkey end up in the back part of a semi-truck? It seems like that alone is a good story. Truck drivers are an interesting bunch. A lot have hilarious personalities that are always full force. I mean hey, hours on the road by yourself… you gotta learn to entertain yourself.

A truck driver looks into his back compartment explaining that he has a turkey back there that won’t leave. The man talks to it trying to convince it but the bird doesn’t want to listen. The driver switches sides and gets all the doors open on the oncoming traffic side. He sticks his head and tells the turkey the deal.

“Alright, the doors open, get the f*ck out”

The turkey receives his message and heads straight out onto the highway. Instantly an oncoming car absolutely obliterates the bird sending feathers everywhere.

“Well, he didn’t make it very far”

The truck driver is as calm as day after this wild sequence. I would have to be on the ground in tears from laughter after something like this. It’s hard being a turkey, man…

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