Droptine Mule Deer Leaves Hunter In Awe Shedding Its Antlers

droptine buck
@Jeff Enns

Nature sure is beautiful.

A hunter in what I believe to be Canada had been seeing a droptine mule deer on his trail cam and was then able to get some hunting footage of the same deer when something incredible played out right in front of him.

Droptine is a condition where one or more of a buck’s antlers begin to grown downward instead of up, a rare occurrence that makes them a much sought after prize in the community.

This was a large mule deer with a rack to match. The video begins with a photo of the deer on trail cam, then jumps to the video shot by the hunter himself.

The deer is trekking through a snowy field by a barbed wire fence when he begins the process of shedding his antlers. He first shakes his left side by jumping up and stomping the ground. He then takes off and forces the hunter to catch up to witness him shaking the right side.

Obviously, all bucks shed their antlers every year, but getting to see a massive mule deer with droptine do it in a snow covered Canadian field?

It’s almost romantic.

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