Uncle Lucius Is Back & Better Than Ever On New Album ‘Like It’s The Last One Left’

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Mark Abernathy

The day is finally here. After eight long years, Uncle Lucius has released their highly anticipated album.

Uncle Lucius is one of those groups that was a hidden gem in the Texas music scene for many years. Those heavily involved and following the music coming out of those neck of the woods knew that a gem the band was, but it wasn’t until their feature on Yellowstone that the group really took off. Sadly for new fans of the group, their feature with “Keep The Wolves Away” happened after the group’s last album in 2015, when they took a hiatus.

Many fans held out hope that one day Uncle Lucius would start making music together again, and their prayers were answered with Like It’s The Last One Left. 

With the singles that teased the project, they showed they are a gold standard in the Austin country music scene. The previously released singles “Keep Singing Along”  and “Civilized Anxiety” were just the start of how magical this album would be.

As lead singer Kevin Galloway detailed the backstory of “Civilized Anxiety,” listeners knew this project would be authentic as all hell:

“There’s a certain madness that comes with living in a city like Austin, TX. People, like ants, move to and fro upon an infrastructure that will never catch up to the pace of population growth. Sometimes the cacophony and gridlock can be overwhelming.

Sometimes you just want to drop everything and run toward the peace and tranquility of nature.”

Like It’s The Last One Left is unlike any other Uncle Lucius project. It’s soulful, thoughtfully curated, gritty, and sonically moving. Uncle Lucius let the world know they are BACK with the album, and not just back but here to stay.

With their Texas twang highlighted on tracks like “All The Angelenos” to the slow ballads of “Tuscaloosa Rain,” and then ramping it back up with a rock-rooted sound in “Trace My Soul,” the album takes you on a journey. It comes out of the gate swinging and hits the highs and lows, making it hard for listeners to skip a track.

Tandem to the album’s release, they also announced their UK tour. For three nights only, they will be crossing the pond in London, Manchester, and Nottingham.

“Our new album ‘Like It’s The Last One Left’ is finally out into the world. Announcing three UK dates in October.”

Uncle Lucius, you’ve outdone yourself with this one.

Check out some early favorites.

“I’m Happy”

“Tuscaloosa Rain”

“Trace My Soul”

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