Uncle Lucius Look To Escape The City In New Soulful Southern Rock Single, “Civilized Anxiety”

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Mark Abernathy

After their five-year hiatus, Uncle Lucius is BACK.

Last month, Uncle Lucius released their first single in “Keep Singing Along” and announced a forthcoming album, Like It’s The Last One Left, slated for a December release via Boo Clap Records/Thirty Tigers. The single and announcement had fans buzzing with hype that the band was back together, and putting an album together.

Today the group puts out the second single for the album, “Civilized Anxiety,” and holy sh*t are they back.

The gritty rock ‘n roll-inspired track highlights the feeling of being in a crowded space and the overwhelming sensation of wanting to get out and break free but having to keep it together.

Lead singer Kevin Galloway croons:

“My nerves are nervous and they’re jerking like a cat on I-10
Here comes the circus and their curse is in a hurry to descend
So I gotta get to going fore the swarmageddon starts to close in
Yes I gotta get to going fore the swarmageddon starts to rolling in…”

Galloway says details the inspiration behind the song, birthed from the frustrations of living in a rapidly expanding city like Austin, Texas:

“There’s a certain madness that comes with living in a city like Austin, TX. People, like ants, move to and fro upon an infrastructure that will never catch up to the pace of population growth. Sometimes the cacophony and gridlock can be overwhelming.

Sometimes you just want to drop everything and run toward the peace and tranquility of nature.”

Galloway co-wrote the song with Hal Jon Vorpahl, who now serves as the band’s producer (and unofficial seventh band member, as he was the original bassist for the group), who says the idea for the same came from a very real experience:

“I wrote the song after having an experience like this in a packed grocery store very early post-pandemic. Fighting for a parking spot, fighting for a grocery cart, fighting to get down the aisle for some oatmeal… it all became way too much, way too fast.

I left my cart in the middle of the aisle, went home to grab the dog, and headed out to the middle of nowhere East Texas for a couple of weeks.”

I hear ya, brother…

With both men having the same anxious feelings being in crowded spaces, the lyrics highlight their experiences of wanting to escape.

I’m really digging this new music so far, so I can’t wait to see what else is in store for the album.

If you haven’t given “Keep Singin’ Along” a listen, check it out.

If you want to catch these new tunes live or enjoy their hit song “Keep the Wolves Away,” here are the upcoming cities you can find them in.

10/15 – Bakersfield, CA – Temblor Brewing Co
10/20 – Goldthwaite, TX – Goldthwaite Music Festival
10/21 – Kountze, TX – Hogs and Strings Music Festival
10/27 – Terrell, TX – Silver Saloon
10/28 – Coleman, TX – RLVenue
11/10 – Stillwater, OK – Tumbleweed Dance Hall
11/30 – Denver, CO – Mission Ballroom *
12/1 – Aspen, CO – Belly Up *
12/2 – Grand Junction, CO – Mesa Theater *
12/31 – Goliad, TX – Schroeder Hall

* Supporting Paul Cauthen

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