Nashville Woman Suing Local Barbeque Restaurant Because The Smell Of Grilling & Smoked Meat Is A “Nuisance”

Roy's Meat Service Nashville
Roy Meat Service

What some people call a nuisance I call a dream…

I’ve never really understood people who move into a home or neighborhood and then complain about things that were there long before them. Like the people who moved next to the bars in midtown Nashville and then complained about the live music, to the point that one popular restaurant and venue shut down rather than fight the constant complaints.

But apparently it’s happening again to another business here in Nashville.

A local woman is suing Roy’s Meat Service, a local meat market and barbeque restaurant located in East Nashville, claiming that the smell of grilling and smoked meats is a “nuisance.”

According to Newschannel 5, Natalie Castillo moved into the home next to the restaurant two years ago. But apparently she didn’t do her research, because Roy Meat Service has been grilling up meat in the neighborhood for the past 9 years.

I mean, what do you really expect when you move next to a restaurant that serves smoked meats? If you ask me that just adds to the value of the property, getting to smell smoked meats all day.

But the neighbor isn’t happy, and filed a lawsuit against the local business, alleging among other things that part of the restaurant encroaches on her property and that the smoke from the constant grilling is a nuisance. Castillo says in the complaint that the constant smoking of ribs, chicken and pork affect her “ability to enjoy her property as well as negatively affects her health.”

For his part, owner Jeff Roy says that the restaurant has tried to address the neighbor’s complaints, but nothing has seemed to satisfy her:

“I just put my foot down, that’s all. I’m through. You do what you gotta do…

We are just a little country store here in the middle of East Nashville. We want people to feel it when they come that it’s a family-run business.”

It seems like you should have known what you were getting when you bought a house next to a barbeque restaurant.

And how can you be this upset over the smell of fresh cooked ribs and barbeque chicken? That would just make me hungry, not angry.

Guess I’m gonna have to check this place out now.

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