Wild Javelina Pigs Out On A Happy Meal After Stealing DoorDash Order From Front Porch

javelina eating doordash
KOLD News 13

Did somebody say McDonald’s?

Apparently this wild javelina in Arizona had a craving for a Big Mac, and when an Arizona woman ordered DoorDash, he saw his opportunity.

The homeowner in Oro Valley was surprised when she got to her front door and the Happy Meal she had ordered from McDonald’s through DoorDash was already gone. So she turned to her Ring camera to see who the culprit was: And saw a wild javelina chowing down on her meal.

The homeowner says that the meal was outside for less than three minutes after being delivered, but honestly that sounds like your first problem. When you order DoorDash you don’t leave it sitting outside for three minutes: You pull up the ring camera and snatch that food up as soon as you’re in the clear and know the delivery driver won’t see you.

Luckily DoorDash did refund the order – but the lady was apparently still disappointed that she didn’t get her Happy Meal and her toy.

And while this may just be a funny example of a pig that smelled food (and opportunity), wild javelinas can actually be a problem for many communities.

The wild hog problem in America is one of biggest wildlife issues plaguing agriculture and land development today. According to the USDA, over 6 million wild hogs live in 35 states and their range and population continues to grow each year.

We went into lots of detail here on the problems caused and total damages done (estimated to be $3 billion annually), and this video of an Arizona golf course shows just how destructive the pigs can be.

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