Fearless Rooster Puts A Beatdown On Hawk That Swooped In On His Chickens

Rooster hawk
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Bird-on-bird crime.

When it comes to the most feared and fight-ready birds in the animal kingdom, there’s definitely a pecking order (bird pun intended). There might not be a more feisty bird than a rooster, though you don’t ever want to get into a scuffle with the aerial attack of a hawk either.

So when the two come together to fight with one another, you know it’s destined to be a bird battle for the ages, and this particular one had that much more tension because the rooster was acting in defense of the other chickens around him.

In the security camera footage, the rooster quickly comes to the rescue of a chicken in distress. It appears that a hawk caught the whole group of chickens off guard when it swooped down and attacked one of the hens as the flock of birds were standing only a few feet from the safety of the coop. The flying bird seemed to narrow in on one chicken in particular and chased it all the way to a porch area of the property before cornering it up against the chicken house.

It must have only been a few seconds before the black rooster came flying around the corner of the coop to save the day like a superhero (Super Chicken perhaps?). In a stunning and savvy feat of athleticism, the rooster jumped into the air and double-leg kicked the hawk right off the chicken it was attacking.

This hawk must have thought it was at KFC with all of the leg and wing combos it was getting from the rooster. It quickly found out that it was no match for the fired up, mad-as-hell rooster that was giving it all it could handle. The heroics of the rooster allowed the chicken enough time to escape into the coop with the rest of the birds, and most likely sent a message to any other potential predators thinking about messing with the rooster’s territory.

Roosters aren’t usually considered as birds of prey, but this video should definitely put them in the running. Take a look:

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