Donald Trump Knows Why Florida State Was Left Out Of The College Football Playoff…It Was Ron DeSantis’ Fault

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Most people prefer for politics and sports not to cross paths, though I’m sure some would make an exception if Donald Trump wanted to bring the two together.

When the four teams were announced for the College Football Playoff this past weekend, it was difficult not to notice that one team was absent from the field of four. Michigan and Washington were both undefeated, so they were no brainers for the one and two seeds. The CFP committee then slotted in two one-loss teams with Texas and Alabama at the three and four spots, leaving an undefeated (and ACC Champion) Florida State out of the playoff.

Since that decision, there has been a lot of talk about how the CFP committee works, and how they make their decisions. Even a hilarious video of the legendary college football coach Mike Leach (RIP) questioning the entire process has resurfaced, and he was ripping the committee way before it was cool.

While everyone has been looking for an explanation with statistics, and strength of schedule, and head-to-head wins, another man (and former president) knows exactly why Florida State was left out of the College Football Playoffs.

Donald Trump took to Truth Social to clear the air and let people really know why the Seminoles got snubbed, saying:

“Florida State was treated very badly by the ‘Committee.’ They become the first Power Five team to be left out of the College Football Playoffs. Really bad lobbying effort….Lets blame DeSancticmonious!!!”

There we have it! It was all Ron DeSantis’ fault. How did we not figure that one out on our own?

Trump decided to point the blame to Florida Governor and Republican Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis for Florida State’s snub, because why not? It’s got to be someone’s fault, and as Americans, we have to figure out where to point a finger.

DeSantis himself responded to the news that FSU hadn’t made the playoffs shortly after it was announced, saying:

“What we learned today is that you can go undefeated and win your conference championship game, but the College Football Playoff committee will ignore these results. Congratulations to Florida State University Football on an outstanding season and winning the ACC championship!” 

As you can see, he didn’t take the blame for it. It would have been the perfect opportunity for him to blame Trump, but ole Donald beat him to it…

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