Bud Light Calls On Peyton Manning For Latest Beer Commerical As The Damage Control Tour Rolls On

Peyton Manning Bud Light
Bud Light

Earlier this year, Bud Light sent the beer-drinking world into a frenzy when they partnered with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney with a special can. A number of Bud Light drinkers, particularly Conservatives, began to boycott the beer left and right, including the likes of notable country stars suck as Kid Rock, Travis Tritt, John Rich, and Brantley Gilbert.

And as if the move wasn’t enough to already piss off their fans, a Bud Light marketing executive (who is no longer with the company) doubled down calling the brand’s humor “fratty” and “out of touch,” which came off as an insult to many of the brand’s loyal drinkers.

Soon enough, videos and pictures began to litter the internet of Bud Light coolers in grocery stores, bars, concerts, sporting events, and more being chock full of the beer, as it was no longer selling.

During this boycott, Bud Light saw a MASSIVE drop in beer sales, and was even surpassed by Modelo as America’s favorite beer.

Once Anheuser-Busch realized the backlash they were receiving for the campaign was hurting sales, they’ve been on full-on damage control since, and that includes releasing commercials directed towards their original demographic.

Since the Mulvaney campaign, Budweiser dropped a patriotic, blue-collar commercial, and Bud Light released a country music festival commercial to the Zac Brown Band’s song “Chicken Fried.”

Country music and football… that’s where they turned their attention.

And as sales continued to drop, they called in the likes of Dak Prescott and Travis Kelce for commercials as well. With that being said, it appears Bud Light is back on damage control again, releasing another commercial featuring one of the most beloved sports personalities in the country… Peyton Manning.

They dropped a commercial of Manning buying a Bud Light for everybody at a bar, with one guy hilariously acting like he was going out for a pass at Peyton tossed him his beer. On top of that, the commercial ends with Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith yelling “TOUCHDOWN” once they guy makes the one-handed catch.

I mean… nobody hates Peyton Manning, right? Plus he was the host of the CMA Awards the past two years so they’re sort of checking both of those boxes. I see you Bud Light…

The ad is part of a sweepstakes to send beer drinkers to the Super Bowl:

Naturally, a number of folks were quick to point out that they still wouldn’t be drinking the beer… Peyton Manning be damned.

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A beer bottle on a dock