Texas Fisherman Lands Massive Largemouth Bass Just Shy Of 14 Pounds

Texas largemouth
Texas Parks and Wildlife

Everything is bigger in Texas.

That age-old adage even goes for bass fishing in the southern state. There might not be a better place in all of the United States to fish for bass, especially with the Texas ShareLunker program that rewards fishermen for reeling in sizable bass.

If you aren’t familiar with the ShareLunker program, the Texas Parks and Wildlife provides incentives for those fishing in the state. It doesn’t matter if anglers are casting lines in Lake Fork, the Sam Rayburn Reservoir, or Falcon International Reservoir. No matter the location, if someone reels in a bass and it is big enough, they could be compensated generously (with merch, giveaways, etc.).

The prizes get even better if a fisherman reels in a bass that’s over 13 pounds. Fish of that size are categorized in the “Legend” or “Legacy” group, like this bass below that was caught in Texas’ famous O.H. Livie Lake. Those fish are worth some of the best giveways the ShareLunker program has to offer, and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department even tends to take those colossal bass to breed them before they’re released back into the water.

Which brings us to this behemoth that was caught by Chris Jackson. This fish almost pushed the scale all the way to the 14-pound mark, and earned a “ShareLunker Legend” status, which means Jackson was rewarded fruitfully for his catch:

“Chris Jackson submitted the first Lew’s Legend Class catch of the 2024 season! His 13.89-pound bass was caught at O.H. Ivie Lake on April 28th, 2024.

Chris has earned a Catch Kit with lures from our prize sponsors, a 1-mount subscription to The Bass University, Toyota ShareLunker branded gear, an entry into the Bass Pro Shops $5,000 shopping spree, and more.”

Jackson credits guides Kyle Hall and Josh Jones for putting him on this hog. If you’re in the area and looking to pull some monster largemouth bass, give ’em a call.

I don’t know how you keep fishing for bass after you reel one in of that size.

Though I guess if you were going to keep at it, Texas would be the place to do it. With the ShareLunker program, there always seems to be a bigger bass out there.

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