Modelo Has Officially Dethroned Bud Light As America’s Favorite Beer

Bud Light
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We’ve all been seeing the insane amount of backlash Bud Light has been receiving since choosing to partner with transgender influencer, Dylan Mulvaney, earlier this year.

There has been a ton of boycotts, and to this day it’s hard to walk past a Bud Light cooler at a grocery store, bar, concert, or sporting even without seeing it completely full, as conservatives have just about completely done away with drinking the beer in general.

Bud Light tried to walk back their decision with a borderline apology, which then pissed off the LGBTQ+ community because they felt like the beer brand turned their back on them, and now they’ve protested the beer as well.

Anheuser-Busch also unveiled a pro-America, blue collar Budweiser ad, along with a country music festival Bud Light ad, and has partnered with a few NFL players to try and make amends with their longtime fanbase.

All of this has ultimately led to a massive drop in sales for the beer, and back in June, it was revealed that Modelo outsold Bud Light during the month of May. However, at the time, Bud Light still reigned supreme when it came to yearly sales.

Not anymore…

According to CNN, Modelo Especial has officially dethroned Bud Light as America’s best-selling beer. This marks the first time Modelo has ever beaten Bud Light on a year-to-date basis.

However, it was still a tight race, as Modelo now owns 8.34% of the beer market share, compared to 8.28% for Bud Light through August 12th. We’ll see how the year finishes out, but it’s pretty big news, considering Bud Light has been America’s top-selling beer for the past 20 years.

When Modelo initially surpassed Bud Light back in June, president of Beer Marketer’s Insights Benj Steinman said that Modelo’s move:

“Seemed inevitable for at least the last several months, but the timeline accelerated since Bud Light’s trends dramatically worsened in April.

And it happened far faster than most people expected.”

Could Bud Light’s reign be done for good? Or will all of this eventually blow over at some point?

Who knows…. but what we do know is that Modelo is currently at the top for the first time ever.

Kid Rock Spotted Drinking A Bud Light During Colt Ford Concert In Nashville

The polarizing, and conservative, country rocker was seen drinking a Bud Light at a Colt Ford concert at Nashville’s Skydeck at Assembly Hall.

Sure enough, you can see Mr. Rock in the VIP section with a Bud Light in his hand.

And TMZ also posted further photos showing that, yes, Mr. Rock was actually drinking the Bud Light and not just holding it for a friend.


Kid Rock essentially kicked off the Bud Light backlash, when he shot up a few cases in protest, however, it appears that his position may have softened. Or… the venue he was at didn’t have anything else to drink?

The world may never know…

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