It’s Truly Baffling How Often BENCHED Jets QB Tim Boyle Refused To Throw To A Wide-A** Open Garrett Wilson

Garrett Wilson
Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We all know the New York Jets pinned all their hopes on Aaron Rodgers this season.

Despite the legendary quarterback’s incredibly fast recovery from a torn Achilles suffered in Week 1, Gang Green is categorically f*cked at the position, in part because Rodgers had the team bring in his buddy Tim Boyle as the third-stringer.

Except now that Zach Wilson has been benched yet again, Boyle is at the helm of Nathaniel Hackett’s offense. And he has star wide receiver Garrett Wilson in a straight-up torture chamber at this point.

Funnily enough, the same Jets beat reporter who Jamal Adams tried to classlessly dunk on this week was the one to document just how incompetent Boyle is at, you know, looking in the general direction of his best pass-catcher, much less delivering Garrett Wilson the ball often enough.

What, you mean Tim Boyle locked too much onto Allen Lazard!? How could that have ever happened? Oh, that’s right. Rodgers forced the Jets to sign Lazard away from the Green Bay Packers, too. Just like Boyle. A stunner, that.

Oh but it gets worse. Much worse!

What are SNYtv reporter Connor Hughes’ takes in between all this madness? Well, they include plugging in the likes of Trevor Siemian under center rather than Boyle, since he can’t be much worse…

OH wait! Boyle did, in fact, get benched in favor of Siemian. LOL.

I know it can be a little dangerous for outsiders to light up quarterbacks and play-callers. Most of us don’t truly know what the read is on each play in real time, never mind however the hell Hackett and the Jets are coaching Boyle to read each play out.

…But umm, at the same time, you’d think you’d want to do everything humanly possible to get the ball to Wilson over the likes of Lazard, UDFA Xavier Gipson, and whomever else at tight end or out of the backfield. Boyle just simply can’t get it done.

ESPN’s Seth Walder confirmed what Hughes was seeing, so this isn’t, like, unfounded speculation or scapegoating somebody just to scapegoat them.

Tim Boyle has no business being in the NFL whatsoever. Starting actual games? Come on. What are we doing here, Jets? I know the Jets are gonna Jet, but I don’t know if the Jets have ever Jetted this hard.

At least the Browns brought in Joe Flacco… Guess who the former Super Bowl MVP was last playing for before his latest stop in Cleveland? YEP. The New York Jets. Let’s see what happens with Siemian, I suppose.

The funny thing is, I’m writing this and Garrett Wilson has seven targets and three catches for 50 yards through a little over three quarters. The fact that Boyle was tossing him the rock makes that slightly impressive.

That Wilson could have so much better numbers if Boyle had just looked his way more often is at least encouraging in the sense that when Rodgers does return, this dude is seemingly about to explode into a top-five-caliber wide receiver in the league.

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