Unable To Handle Criticism, Jamal Adams Pulled The Ultimate Loser Move And Insulted The Reporter’s Wife

Jamal Adams
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You have to admire the looseness with which Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll runs his locker rooms. Players are allowed to be themselves and flex their personality. It’s generally a healthier way to go than being a tightwad, faux-alpha disciplinarian like Josh McDaniels, say.

…But sometimes it backfires. Sometimes you get a guy like Jamal Adams who’s something of a scumbag at his core. The Seahawks traded two first-round picks for him once upon a time, and for the sake of brevity/courtesy, let’s just say Adams hasn’t lived up to that steep cost.

“Prez” as he refers to himself may be the president of the Blitzing Safeties Club. Other than that? He’s objectively a pedestrian, oft-injured professional football player. When Jets/Giants reporter Connor Hughes called out Adams for getting burned for the umpteenth time in pass coverage in Seattle’s 41-35 loss to the Cowboys on Thursday night, Adams clapped back in the most classless way possible: Making fun of Hughes’ wife.

Come on, man…

I get that professional athletes might get a little triggered by outsiders bashing them. NFL players in particular are enduring quite the physical toll every week. That’s gotta be mentally taxing. Then you throw in the baggage that Adams has of not being the player the Seahawks hoped they were trading for, and the probable frustration he’s endured by being injured so often, and I get how he might pop off at somebody on occasion.

…But this? If you have an issue with a reporter, take it up with them. Don’t drag somebody’s spouse into the toxic mix. WTF are we doing here, PREZ?

I mean, Hughes wasn’t wrong! It was a high-leverage down and distance, late in the fourth quarter. Cowboys tight end Jake Ferguson essentially dunked on Adams’ head with a back-shoulder touchdown snag. They were getting chippy throughout the evening.

I’m sure Adams feels a type of way about Ferguson getting in his face. You can see where he’s coming from. And yet, absolutely zero percent of anyone with an awareness of this situation is going to bat for Adams in any way, shape or form.

You won’t be winning any elections any time soon, Jamal “PREZ” Adams. Any remaining fans you had will probably file out after this little episode.

Crazy how Adams went from a likable rising young star on the Jets back in the day to a pretty much universally panned NFL villain.

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