Grizzly Bear Goes Bonkers Seeing Its Reflection In A Mirror For The First Time

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It was “on sight” for this bear. The only problem was that it was trying to fight its own reflection in a mirror.

There are some days where you roll out of bed, about still half past drunk after staying up until 4 AM with some of your buddies. You go to the bathroom to try and recollect yourself, and you look in the mirror, and you’re looking at yourself like you had just been through warfare…

That’s the thought that keeps reoccurring in my mind when I see this hilarious video of a bear seeing his reflection for the first time in a mirror. Why is there a mirror in the woods you might ask?

In the video, you see the big ol’ grizzly bear just sniffing for scent out in the wilderness, when it is shocked to see itself looking back at him or her.

The bear goes into complete panic mode, starts jumping around, and ends up ripping the mirror off the post. Rough night, aye?

In all seriousness, this bear doesn’t know what it looks like (there’s usually no mirrors in the woods), and was probably just ready to go to war with whatever bear is encroaching on its territory.

When it tore mirror down though, it had to be thinking to itself:

“What kind of sorcery is this?”

Also reminds me of this drunk guy trying to fight himself:

More Mirrors In The Woods?

I’m fully convinced that bears seeing themselves in a mirror for the first time is the best thing on the internet right now.

The internet has already been taken by storm after a video of a bear looking at itself in the mirror surfaced on just about every platform imaginable, and it’s so freaked out by what it sees it starts to jump around like it’s on a trampoline, which is about the same as my reaction after looking into the mirror the morning after a long night of drinking.

Needless to say, bears aren’t used to this type of stuff, and it probably thinks it’s in hell whenever some cruel yet hilarious soul (maybe a scientist?) decides to set a mirror out in the woods.

With that being said, we have yet another bear encounter with a mirror in the woods, and it’s about equally as hilarious.

In this video, the black bear doesn’t react quite as viciously to its own reflection as the other one, and is more confused for the most part as it constantly sniffs its reflection in the mirror.

The black bear pretty much thinks it’s another bear mocking it, so it’s trying to establish dominance.

However, once the bear realizes something fishy is up, it gets terrified and jumps backwards a few feet, and gets the hell up outta there.

Check it out:

Bear Jumps On Hood Of Car At Yellowstone National Park

Front row seat.

Grizzly bears are an absolutely massive killer of an animal. They are giants compared to humans. The average bear comes in around 700-pounds while males can push over 1,500-pounds.

This among many other reasons is why humans should avoid them at all costs. They can be a bit unpredictable if you’re close to their young or a food source and they get highly defensive in those situations. Their defensive style includes being incredible offensive and using their size. They will literally beat you around and stomp on you.

The grizzlies in this video are on the younger side, they probably just left their mother not long ago and this is why they are so curious as they try to figure out the world. But people don’t realize these things and think it’s an amazing idea to get as close as possible for a good video.

The two grizzlies are seen on the far side of another car. My first question would be where’s the driver of that…

They are clearly curious and hoping to take advantage of dumb tourists and get some tasty free food.

The grizzly is seen standing up and putting its front paws on the car and looking into it. This ain’t his first rodeo, it knows all the goods are on the inside.

The people filming are laughing and going on all happy until it starts towards their vehicle. A woman is heard telling her kids to get in the car.

Smart move…

They scramble their way in and get the car doors shut just as the bear gets to their car.

“You guys, come on get up on my car”


As the bear stands up on the hood everyone freaks out. It’s at this moment you realize how big even a young grizzly is and all I can say is ‘no thanks’.

The kids are almost acting like its an amusement ride at first, laughing and giggling. That quickly changes as the bear continues to look into the car. They start to squirm a little bit and I hate to say, but I kinda like the little bit of panic. This is why you enjoy from afar.

The bear gets down eventually after deciding it didn’t need to rip a car up on that day. The people don’t leave, so really they didn’t learn any lesson. There’s more tourists within 50-yards outside of the car, there are stupid people everywhere.

They oughta have an entrance exam for these parks…

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