“NO, MICAH, NO!” – Brave Husky Charges Mountain Lion, Sends Owner Into A Screaming Panic

Dog charges cougar in driveway
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It never hurts to have a guard dog around, though sometimes the guard dogs get in a little over their head, and require action from a “guard human.”

We’ve seen plenty of dog videos where they held their own against wild animals, such as a brave dog taking on a black bear, or a fearless pupper going toe-to-toe with a grizzly bear. Let me assure you that this dog would not have be in a fair fight matching up against this sizable mountain lion.

This man and his dog in Saanich, British Columbia walked out of their home and into their garage and came face to face with a large, intimidating mountain lion. The big cat was sitting in the driveway of the home right in front of a car, and wasn’t moving an inch when it noticed the husky and man in the garage.

Someone that was accompanying the man and the husky started recording video with their phone, likely just to document the encounter, or be able to prove to others the run in occurred when they would eventually tell harrowing stories about it.

The footage was supposed to only capture peaceful footage of the mountain lion (if that is such a thing), but the family dog (a Husky named Micah) had other plans. Probably acting out of  instinct, and wanting to give its ancestors a reason to be proud, the husky took off towards the big cat.

If you are a pet owner, you know that you never want your animal to be put in danger. By charging this large mountain lion, the dog was staring death right in the face, and the owner knew that he had to act fast.

The man immediately started screaming “no” and waving his arms as the dog and mountain lion came very close to being nose to nose. Screams, dog barks, and mountain lion hisses filled the air as the showdown quickly reached a climax. If you looked up the definition of “squaring up” in the dictionary, it is exactly what this big cat did when the dog came rushing towards it.

Thankfully, the owner’s pleading for the dog to return to his side worked, and the husky quickly abandoned the fight and returned back into the garage. It is at this point that the owner “tagged in” and started to scream and raise his arms as he ran towards the big cat, which sent the wild animal fleeing in the opposite direction.

Cats and dogs will always battle with one another. It’s just how God intended it to be. However, I’d say the owner of this husky is counting his blessings that his pet listened to his commands and didn’t get into a fight that would have easily favored the mountain lion.

Take a look at the heart-pounding video below:

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