Fearless Dog Goes Toe-To-Toe With Grizzly Bear To Protect Its Owner

Puppy scares off bear
Viral Hog

Now THAT is a good boy.

I’ll never understand the type of people that don’t like having pets. Sure, your house probably stays clean more easily, and you can leave your home for long periods of time and not worry about boarding or finding a dog-sitter, and you probably save money not having to pay for vet bills and pet food…I’m gonna go ahead and stop there.

Forget that I said all of that and focus in on this dog that saved its owner life in Curtea De Arge, Romania. All of those things I listed earlier are great perks of not owning a pet, but wouldn’t you rather have a built-in bodyguard following you around?

This man was certainly thankful that he had his Great Pyrenees with him while he was on a walk and crossed paths with a big ole grizzly bear. Just in case you didn’t know, grizzlies are some of the most lethal apex predators in the world, and arguably the most intimidating type of bear you can come across.

With their incomparable strength, their underrated speed, and the sheer force of their jaw (can bite at 1,000 psi, which is A LOT), you really do not want to come toe-to-toe with a grizzly bear. And even though the dog and its owner were in a dangerous situation, the pupper was willing to put its life on the line in order to protect its human.

Experts suggest that if you are to come across a bear, you should make yourself appear larger by raising your arms, and then speaking and yelling in a deep voice at the bear. The dog must have somehow instinctively know to practice those things, because it immediately squared up against the bruin, stood tall, and summoned the deepest and baddest bark possible.

Even that didn’t stop the bear from challenging the dog. In various scary moments of the footage, the bear charges at the Great Pyrenees, but the dog stays put and isn’t shaken one bit. Every time the grizzly comes forward, the dog barks even louder and pushed it right back. The dog eventually backs it up a good five yards off the road, and that’s when the owner steps in to retrieve his dog, and reward him with some loving and appreciative pats on the head.

You can view the heart-pounding video below:

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