UFC Star Turned OnlyFans Model Paige VanZant Claims Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce’s Relationship Is “100% Fake”

Paige VZ and Taylor Swift

Looks like we’ve got another person jumping onto the “there’s no way Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are actually in love” bandwagon.

Former UFC fighter and current OnlyFans model Paige VanZant (at this point, who isn’t an OnlyFans model?) took to her podcast Paige and Austin (at this point, who doesn’t have a podcast?) to share her thoughts about the NFL tight end and pop star’s high profile, celebrity romance, saying:

“I think that the Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce ‘love story,’ I believe it’s 100 percent fake. Come for me, ‘Swifties.’ I have UFC fans coming for me, I think I can handle the ‘Swifties.’”

Her perspective isn’t original by any means. There have been plenty of talking heads that have thrown out the conspiracy theory that Kelce and Swift are in a relationship for reasons other than possibly loving one another. And hey, with Travis Kelce’s podcast with his brother as successful as ever, the NFL getting huge numbers from younger demographics, and Taylor Swift somehow being even more in the spotlight, there might be something to the argument.

VanZant explained why their relationship has to be a publicity stunt:

“It is publicity. It is one, it’s huge for the NFL because yes, the NFL is big. Taylor Swift is huge and now she’s getting an entirely different demographic to come watch the NFL.

Think of the wives that are buying Travis Kelce jerseys now. It’s a huge publicity play on both fronts. It’s good for Taylor Swift, it’s good for the NFL, it’s good for Travis Kelce. There is so much strategic stuff that’s happening.”

Lots of people online are now calling VanZant out for reaching for more attention with this take, just like Paige herself was accusing Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce of doing. It’s always great to see internet anger and hot takes for clicks come full-circle.

Taylor Swift being accused of faking a relationship and practicing witchcraft and summoning demons.

Did anyone have that on their 2023 bingo card?

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