Nashville Priest Claims Taylor Swift Is Summoning Demons & Practicing Witchcraft During Her ‘Eras Tour’

Taylor Swift
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Well this is certainly not something that you hear every day…

Say what you want about Taylor Swift, but you don’t usually hear someone accusing the pop star of summoning attracting demons to her concerts.

That’s exactly what this Nashville priest and exorcist is accusing Swift of, saying that she is either intentionally or unintentionally practicing witchcraft with her Eras Tour.

I’ve seen a lot of people call her out as of late for being on their TV’s too much as Swift and NFL star tight end Travis Kelce have entered into a romantic relationship. There has been a weird correlation with the Kansas City Chiefs winning when she’s in attendance…could that be witchcraft too?

The Nashville priest took to his Instagram to share his thoughts and concerns about Taylor Swift, and the video was then re-posted by popular Nashville investigative journalist Phil Williams. In the clip, the “exorcist” states:

“When they imitate these rituals with these orbs and these black capes that looks like something you’d find in the woods, even if her intent was not to practice any witchcraft or do any of the incantations, she is probably attracting a lot of demons to her concerts.

That’s where the problem can lie because then you have these little girls who literally sort of worship her who are now putting themselves in a position where they could be attacked by demonic forces.

(I’m) not saying that’s going to happen to everybody, but you’re definitely putting yourself in a very dangerous situation if you’re going to a concert where there’s somebody who’s imitating or even practicing the art of witchcraft.”

Probably one of the wildest claims I’ve ever heard.

Social media agreed for the most part, while also making jokes in the reply section below the post:

I mean, after seeing some of these videos, he may be onto something…

@calihollywood its giving midsommar 😭😭😭 #erastourmovie #erastourtaylorswift #evermore #taylorswift #midsommar ♬ willow – Taylor Swift

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