This Cornfed Hoss Trying To Make A Run For It After Being Tased At Opry Mills Mall In Nashville Is The Best Video You’ll See Today

Opry Mills police chase
Scoop: Nashville

As Kenny Rogers said, sometimes you’ve just gotta know when to fold ’em.

Like when you’re not exactly a world-class athlete and have already been tased by police once. You should probably just give it up at that point. Take your chances in court and move on to fight another day.

But this cornfed hoss at Opry Mills Mall in Nashville apparently had other ideas…and as you can imagine, it ended poorly.

Video posted by Scoop: Nashville shows the man apparently hoping that the powers of his mullet would kick in while trying to escape a pursuing police officer at the mall here in Music City. But unfortunately, despite some pretty good efforts from the big guy, the officer managed to catch up to him and deploy his Taser to get our man to the ground.

Another guy (who strangely looks exactly like the one the officer was chasing) walks up to them while the first guy’s still on the ground, and the police order him to get back.

The guy who was tased gets up while pleading his case to the officer that he wasn’t doing anything wrong. But when that doesn’t work and the officer brings out the cuffs to make his arrest, the man’s fight-or-flight instincts apparently kicked in once again – and he was off.

He doesn’t get too far though, eventually falling to the ground while continuing to ask the officer what he’s done.

Well, at that point it’s all over – you don’t run from the cops and then expect them to just let you go.

It’s not clear how the incident started, but it sounds like the guy claims he was just trying to buy something from one of the stores.

And I’ll admit, he actually had some decent speed. He at least made the officer break a sweat trying to get away, although his plan definitely didn’t work.

The best part, though, is hearing “Last Christmas” playing in the background as the whole scene goes down. Just a perfect soundtrack. A cinematic masterpiece.

Happy holidays, everybody.

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