JJ Watt Trolls Adam Schefter While Breaking The News That Cardinals TE Zach Ertz Successfully Asked To Be Released

Zach Ertz
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Legendary defensive lineman JJ Watt has been getting acclimated to his new digs as an NFL studio analyst for CBS Sports quite nicely, but don’t think that he’s limiting himself as his fledgling media career continues to take off.

How about beating Adam Schefter to the punch on a pretty darn big scoop? Watt did that on Thursday — and threw a little in-jest shade at Schefty — when he reported that Arizona Cardinals three-time Pro Bowl tight end Zach Ertz managed to finagle his way out of the desert:

Turns out, JJ’s sources — probably Ertz himself, since they’re former teammates — are impeccable, per Schefter:

Now that Ertz is on waivers, it’s a pretty minimal cost for teams to bear if they want to claim him.

Although he’s not quite the player he once was, Ertz still has some gas in the tank after turning 33 earlier this month. It’s just been a little tough to generate opportunities in an offense that lacks skill position talent around him, and is often forced into obvious passing situations due to the Cardinals frequently trailing. Kyler Murray just returned to the field from a torn ACL. You can’t blame Ertz for seeking greener pastures outside of Arizona.

As for who would make sense as logical suitors for Ertz, I’m sure Eagles fans will be pounding the table to bring him back to where most of his NFL journey took place. Ertz was instrumental in helping Philly win Super Bowl LII. With Dallas Goedert still trying to battle back from an injury, the Eagles have a need at the position as is. Makes a lot of sense on paper.

We all know Philadelphia GM Howie Roseman doesn’t shy away from any type of splashy acquisition.

The 10-1 Eagles will be last in the waiver pecking order since they have the NFL’s best record. Nobody else really jumps out to me as a potential Ertz destination. Perhaps Baltimore now that Mark Andrews is down for the season?They do have Isaiah Likely. Hmm. We shall see.

I’m just excited to see a talent like Ertz get a real crack at competing deep into the playoffs now.

Unfortunately for my Bengals, if Joe Burrow didn’t go down with a season-ending injury, I know Ertz would help out that tight end room a great deal. No need to bother at this point, though.

…But yeah. Shout out to JJ Watt for breaking some big news! The man is leveling up for sure. We’ll be on the lookout to see if he breaks the news of where Ertz lands. Even more so with this take on the Tyreek Hill celebration/Kevin Fitzgibbons suspension scandal:

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