Eagles Fans Storm Neighbor’s (Bills Fans) House, Violate Inflatable Mascot After Big Sunday Night Football Win

Eagles and Bills fans party

This is Philly fans at their best…

The Eagles moved to 10-1 Sunday night after squeezing out an overtime thriller of a win against the Buffalo Bills, whose season has been filled with nothing but heartbreaking losses.

Philadelphia kicker Jake Elliot made one of the most impressive 59-yard field goals we’ve seen in some time to tie the game with 20 seconds left, then Jalen Hurts ran in the game winner after the Bills were forced to take a field goal after a miscommunication between Josh Allen and Gabe Davis blew what should have been an easy game winning touchdown.

That pretty much sums up how the year has gone for Buffalo, who currently sits at 6-6, and, for the time being, is not in line to make the playoffs despite starting out with Super Bowl aspirations. One of my good friends is a huge Bills fan and I know he’s going through it right now, but if something like this was added on top of that loss, he might never recover.

Alex Chisholm is a radio DJ in Florida and also a big Eagles fan, so after the Birds secured the win, he decided to have some fun at his neighbors’ expense, who just so happen to be Bills fans. He and what I believe to be a friend, decked out in their Kelly Green jerseys, snuck into their backyard, then threw open the sliding door to where everyone was sitting around sulking after the loss, and began flapping their wings and celebrating right in their face.

Obviously, this was all in good fun and they looked to be good friends, but man, that’s gotta sting a bit. Worst of all, Chisholm grabbed a giant inflatable Bills decoration in the corner and began giving it a good humping right as a young girl walked down the stairs to see what all the commotion was about… That may leave an emotional scar or two…

For as much flack as Eagles fans (rightfully) take, this is their behavior at its best and goes to show why it’s important to have good relationships with the people who live around you.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock