Cory Asbury Was Going To Play Kayce Dutton’s Long Lost Brother In ‘Yellowstone’ Season 6… Before It Got Canceled

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I have to admit, I was pretty bummed out when it was announced that Yellowstone would be coming to an end after the second half of season five.

It was initially believed that the show would go on for at least seven seasons, but when it was announced that Kevin Costner would no longer be apart of the Yellowstone saga due to conflicts in film scheduling, any hope of future seasons were scrapped.

Nevertheless, we still have a lot to look forward to when the second half of season five drops in 2024. What will happen with the ongoing feud between Beth and Jamie? How will John Dutton (Costner’s character) be killed off the show? What will happen to the ranch?

There are still many questions left to be answered, and it’ll be intriguing to see how it will all come to an end. However, we’ve recently learned of some shocking information about a potential storyline in season six that was scrapped after the season’s cancelation… and it was probably for the best.

Kayce Dutton was supposed to have a long lost brother. Sounds dumb? Yeah it does, but it was supposed to happen.

Country and contemporary Christian musician Cory Asbury, the man behind mega-hit “Reckless Love,” was set to be cast as Kayce’s long lost brother in Yellowstone.

Asbury told the Dutton Rules Podcast:

“I was fired up about it and so bummed when it was canceled. So bummed. I was supposed to be Kayce’s long-lost brother.

We were gonna move to Montana for a full year. We were ready … (my wife) Anna gave me the OK and our kids were like, ‘OK, cool, we’ll live in Montana.'”

Considering Asbury was planning on moving to Montana for a year, it appears that the role was a major one, and not just a cameo appearance, meaning that his character would’ve played a huge part in season six.

Whether or not the character will make a small appearance in season five is unknown, but judging by Asbury’s reaction, it’s very unlikely. Needless to say, the news is just an example of another rabbit hole Sheridan was willing to go down to continue the Dutton family saga in future episodes.

But long lost brother? That’s where we were headed? Perhaps it’s best to just let this thing die…

The second half of Yellowstone Season 5, and the series finale, is set to premiere in November 2024, and rumored NOT to star Kevin Costner at all. Stay tuned…

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