Mac Jones & Bailey Zappe Combine For Passer Rating Worse Than Spiking The Ball Every Play As The Patriots Go Full Tank Mode

Mac Jones Bailey Zappe
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A quarterback who registers an incompletion on every play records an NFL passer rating of 39.6. That’s really bad. New England Patriots field generals Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe combined to post a 33.4 rating in Sunday’s 10-7 loss to the Giants, with a collective line of 21-for-35 passing for 136 yards, 0 TDs and three INTs.

The man with the middle name McCorkle accounted for the greater share of futility:

But I don’t know what Bill Belichick and Bill O’Brien believe will change by yanking Mac out in the middle of a game.

They decided to turn to Zappe at halftime once Mac did this:

…Which set up the only touchdown for the G-Men of the afternoon. Mac proceeded to go three-and-out on his last full possession thereafter. ZAPPE TIME, BABY!

Yeah, Zappe provided a brief spark and led the Pats on a TD drive the first time he got the ball. Beyond that? A whole lot of nothing. To his credit, when he gave the ball away to New York, at least Zappe didn’t throw into quadruple coverage like he did to end New England’s hopes of a win in Germany. It was only triple coverage.

These guys are garbage. Bill O’Brien’s scheme is absolute garbage. Bill Belichick’s knowledge of modern offensive football is evidently garbage.

And by “garbage” I mean leachate that’s gone through the filters of used baby diapers, coffee ground remains, and an open-faced, expired jar of sour cream.

“The Patriot Way” is a LMAO myth at this point. Tom Brady was the system for at least the final 15 years of that dynasty.

Belichick used to shut down first- and second-year quarterbacks. There’s some stat out there that underscores just how dominant his defenses are against such green signal-callers.

Undrafted rookie Giants QB Tommy DeVito took six sacks, got little help from his Saquon Barkley-led rushing attack and still completed 17 of 25 passes for 191 yards and a TD for a 103.9 passer rating. Miles better than the Mac/Zappe dynamic duo.

The Hoodie was his typical life-hating self at the podium afterwards. Yeah, Bill. Better not give away any strategic advantage for next week by giving anyone any idea who you’re starting under center!

Another funny Belichick quote:

Yeah, Mac and Zappe both deserved to play, because both of them are awful quarterbacks in their own unique ways. Not that their coaching staff is doing them any favors. I think there’s a reason for that.

New England is in full tank mode. You can’t tell me they actually tried to make this kick. There’s no way.

The only way Belichick keeps his job is by bottoming out, convincing Robert Kraft that he’ll draft the next superstar QB, and…OK that’s the plan. That’s it. Everyone sees right through it, Billy. You ain’t fooling anyone. Or the game has just passed you by that much.

To be honest, might be a bit of both, no?

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