Florida Duck Hunter In Waist-Deep Water Watches Gator Chomp Downed Ducks

Duck hunting alligator

‘Tis the season…

Waterfowl season is upon us (started in late September here in Wisconsin), and hunters all across the country are getting up early and braving the cold for the chance to snag a limit of ducks.

The season actually snuck up on me this year, and I found out the hard way when when I was fishing near some shallow reeds on opening day. No, I didn’t get shot at, but they definitely weren’t happy. And I can see why… I mean, you wait all year for duck season and some doofus in a kayak is throwing lures around your decoys? I swear I didn’t even realize they were there..

Although in Florida, duck hunters have something else to worry about… gators. Yup, not only are you competing with the ducks themselves, you have to find a way to retrieve your ducks without getting eaten by an alligator.

And sometimes… that means letting your downed ducks go to the lurking swamp puppies.

Exhibit A:

In this video from the Belle Glade area, right near the shores of Florida’s famed Lake Okeechobee, this hunter was standing waist-deep in the water and forced to painfully watch their downed ducks get gobbled up by an alligator. I mean, better the duck than you, but still… how deflating, right?

Hunting alligators is legal in Florida, however you generally have to draw a permit which is particular to a certain date and location.

Head on a swivel our there in gator country…

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