A Thanksgiving Meal On The New York City Subway System?

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There’s a chance you are still celebrating Thanksgiving with a couple of late-in-the-week meals, but I can promise you that you aren’t doing it like these people did in New York City.

The historic New York, New York (the city so nice, they named it twice) has many of alluring draws, though some people in rural areas would tell you that they would never even think about traveling there. Some people prefer actual wooded areas instead of a concrete jungle.

Another reason people tend to avoid the Big Apple is because of the millions upon millions that crowd the relatively small island of Manhattan. That many people stuffed into that small of an area leads many to believe that everyone there is, to put it nicely, not so nice.

However, after seeing this video, you might change your mind. The subways of New York City are commonly known for being filled with NYC’s world famous rats. For those that haven’t ever been, I can assure you that the rats are just as large as people describe them to be. In fact, the size of these rodents is honestly undersold a bit…

But on Thanksgiving, the subway system was known for something different: Turkey Day. The public transportation system turned into an all-you-can-eat buffet, and it appears that anyone and everyone was welcome to grab a plate (if they were brave enough).

Just take a look at the video below and see how Thanksgiving cheer was spread on Turkey Day in such an improbable place:

How great is that?

Knowing that a number of rats were probably wandering around nearby, or might have even once stood in that very spot where the Subway Thanksgiving was taking place, is a little concerning from a health perspective.

Hopefully the health department wasn’t called in to check things out, because their sanitation score could not have been very high.

Everyone on social media seemed to share that common concern and disgust, while others were just appreciate of people being nice to others for a change:

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A beer bottle on a dock