Romance Isn’t Dead: Rat Drags Donut Through NYC Subway To Share With Its Rat Lover

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Find yourself a partner that will treat you like this rat treats its rat significant other.

Talking love and comparing humans to rats might not seem like the most romantic thing in the world, but just wait until you see this video out of New York City.

NYC has many nicknames, such as “The Big Apple,” “The Concrete Jungle,” and “The City So Nice, They Named It Twice.” One nickname that they don’t like so much is the “Rat Capital of the World.”

When you think of New York City, a number of different things come to mind:

-Central Park


-The Subway


Now we aren’t here to talk about all of the wonderful things that NYC is known for, but we are here to speak about the last thing on that list above.

Rats are synonymous with New York, so much so that the city has even hired a “Rat Czar” to try and cut down on the overwhelming population of rats living in and underneath the city.

Though they are many great sights to see and cultures to experience in New York, one thing that you’ll unfortunately encounter there (whether you like it or not) are massive rats.

The world was already familiar with “Pizza Rat,” which was a viral video of a rat dragging a full slice of pizza up the subway stairs. Now, I have the pleasure of introducing you to “Donut Rat Couple.”

For those that suggest chivalry is dead, just wait until you see what this brave and romantic rat was willing to do to provide for his rat significant other.

A New Yorker captured a video of a rat dragging an entire donut along the tracks of the city’s subway system, and though at first it wasn’t clear where it was going with the pastry, the story quickly unfolded.

The footage ends showing the rat dropping the donut next to a rat that had been waiting by the tracks, and the rat that dragged the donut down into the subway only started eating it when the other rat that was waiting started digging in too.

It’s not the most romantic setting in the world, but sometimes the setting doesn’t matter, as long you are with the rat that you love most. I never thought I’d see the day where a rat showed better manners and an ability to provide romance than some human beings.

Take a look:

@smallredcar donut rat treats his woman better than half you other rats in this city #donutrat #rat #nyc #chivalry #gifts #ratczar #subway ♬ Good Morning New York – Alex Cissé

Those that saw the TikTok couldn’t help but enjoy and laugh about the chivalrous rat, and left plenty of comments below the video showing their support for the typically despised rodent:

“A provider and a true breadwinner.”

“The New York rats have a better love life than I do.”

“Now this is romance.”

“He’s treating her better than any man has ever treated me.”

“Why am I emotional over this?”

Donut rat is stealing the hearts of everyone on TikTok, and setting the bar high (but at the same time very, very low) for romance in 2023.
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