Komodo Dragon Savagely Swallows Baby Goat Whole

Komodo dragon eating a goat

Was I the only one who thought Komodo dragons being carnivores meant they ate small mammals?


I know that nature is full of wild encounters, but when I say that I was genuinely shocked watching this video, even more shocked this video did not come with one of those warnings on TikTok that lets you decide if you want to watch the video.

Also prefacing this blog with the fact I was an animal science major in college and took classes in a meat locker…not a whole lot makes me squeamish, but this did.

As I am scrolling through TikTok, a video of a Komodo dragon approaching a baby goat hits my phone screen. As I watch, I think I am about to see a cute video of them bumping noses or something innocent.

Boy, was I wrong…

The reptile walks right up to the baby goat and puts its whole head in its mouth. The dragon wastes no time going in for the kill and swallows this poor baby animal whole.

Like no chewing, nothing…the poor baby goat didn’t even have time to realize what was happening to put up a fight.

After the Komodo dragon finished his meal, he walked off like nothing happened. I’d expect this behavior from a giant python, but I did not expect this.

Nature once again proves it is a wild place with no rules.

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