NFL Broadcaster Cris Collinsworth Accidently Paid Over $800 For Fish From Seattle’s Fish Market


It’s always good to pay attention to prices, and it’s always even better to make sure you understand the pricing.

NFL broadcaster Cris Collinsworth got into a pickle because of exactly that. The NBC Sunday Night Football crew was in Seattle to cover the special Thanksgiving night game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks, and thanks to an anecdote that Collinsworth shared, we’re now all better off next time we go to the Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington.

As the 49ers and the Seahawks battled it out to finish off Turkey Day, the longtime NBC football announcer couldn’t stop talking about Seattle’s fish market. Specifically, he wanted to share with the world the pricing blunder that he got himself into.

Collinsworth first stated:

“I never buy fish, right? But you’re in the market, you say ‘okay, I’ll buy some some fish, and I’m gonna take it home for Thanksgiving.’

So I go in there and I see the thing and this big fish is there and it says $35 dollars. I go ‘oh, that’s pretty good. That’s about the same price as in a restaurant.'”

The reasoning by Collinsworth wasn’t bad there, but he was clearly missing a big part of the market pricing. Anyone that has ever gone to a fish market, or even your grocery’s deli, knows that the pricing is usually by pound, and not by item.

NBC’s broadcast threw up a picture from inside of the fish market that Cris had visited, and once he saw it, he pointed out the price the image showed and continued with his story:

“$34.99, right there it is. So I come out and I go ‘I’ll take two.’ I thought (it would be) $72 bucks. (It was) $800 dollars. (It was $34.99) per pound, but you can’t go back once you say you want two fish. They’ve already got them loaded up.”

I know it would have seemed rude to tell the guy to put the fish back, or at least remove one of them from the order, but you best believe I would have been doing that.

I like fish just as much as the next guy, though I do have a maximum price in mind when it comes to ordering fish, and it’s WAY below $800.

You can view and listen to the hilarious mishap in the clip below:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock