Nightmare Fuel: Jenna Ortega Is OUT For ‘Scream 7’, But It’s Reportedly Unrelated To Melissa Barrera’s Unceremonious Exit

Scream VI
Scream VI

Right on the heels of the news that main franchise star Melissa Barrera won’t be returning for Scream 7 due to some problematic social media posts, we’ve learned that Jenna Ortega won’t be back for another Ghostface sequel, either.

Now, look. Ortega was already going to be busy with the shooting schedule for Netflix’s hit Addams Family series Wednesday, but the timing of this article of news certainly seems intentional.

However, that’s contrary to the multiple reports coming out.

Maybe this is just an instance of the trade publications capitalizing on the controversy surrounding Barrera. You don’t need to be a slasher-whodunit expert in the arena of Scream fandom to put two and two together on this one. The SAG-AFTRA strike obviously complicated things and has actors’ schedules jam-packed because of all the production pauses.

Whatever the circumstances were, you can’t help but think Scream 7 director Christopher Landon is really behind the 8-ball here. No wonder a script isn’t ready… if everyone involved knew Ortega wasn’t coming back, that’s quite a curveball.

She got this whole reboot/requel party started in the first place, after all.

Like really, though? Assuming Ortega’s exit from this movie really isn’t related to Barrera’s departure from the project, how can’t the filmmakers figure out a way to kill off her character Tara within the first 30 minutes of runtime? That’d add all kinds of layers to Mason Gooding’s Chad Meeks-Martin, who blossomed into her love interest in Scream VI.

This just sucks. I’m sure misogynist types across the Internet are rejoicing, but strong female characters are kinda dope, and Scream has been on the cutting edge of that for years with Neve Campbell’s Sidney Prescott as the headliner. Too bad some studio executive decided to low-ball Campbell for the last installment. Now, you gotta think she’ll be begged to come back with either a hefty raise and/or a back-end slice of Scream 7‘s box office gross.

When you have a horror franchise that’s endured for six films across multiple decades and is still fresh, there’s no way you can stop making these movies. They’re too profitable. Modest budget plus big built-in audience equals MONEY. Problem is, Ortega is such a huge draw. As is Campbell. And Barrera had been building a nice career for herself until some ill-fated social media activity.

Got my prayers up for this franchise. I guess you could say since Barrera and Ortega play sisters, you could write them out of the story and say they’re off the grid internationally somewhere. It’s gonna be an uphill battle. Woof.

Shameless plug of my Scream VI review again to play you out.

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