Fan At Lakers Game Misses Half Court Shot For $55,000 And Tears His ACL On The Way Down

Lakers fan
LA Lakers

In a moment where one would hope that everything goes perfectly right, things for this Los Angeles Lakers fan could not have gone more wrong.

Everyone dreams to be selected for the half-time half court shot challenge, or at least most people do. Why wouldn’t you be excited to have the chance to swish a lucky shot and wins thousands of dollars for doing so?

Just think of all of the videos you’ve seen pop up on your social media timelines and algorithms over the years of fans taking the shot, miraculously making it, and being overtaken by joy.

Us regular people don’t get the chance to make a whole stadium erupt in applause, and to have money on the line too is just icing on the cake (could be the cake portion too if you value money more).

This guy was going for the MGM Rewards Big Shot Jackpot with a grand prize of $55,000, and though he didn’t make the half court heave, he might have been awarded with something far more valuable.

Not only has he gotten some time in the spotlight for seemingly injuring every part of his body during the shot, there’s a good chance he gets paid out some sort of injury settlement from the Lakers (though I’m sure he had to sign a waiver to participate).

In chronological order, here is a list of things that the man appears to have injured/torn in the process of the shot:

-His back

-His left ACL

-His hamstring

-His ankle

-His achilles

The crowd was supposed to explode when he made the shot, but instead, his entire body imploded itself, and he limped off the court of the famous Staples Center (I know the name has changed but I won’t ever comply).

Take a look:

At first, I thought he was just joking around, but after further review, it does look like at least one of those things that I listed above is broken or torn. Do you think social media was sympathetic about the entire thing? That’s pretty much an oxymoron in this day and age:

I added that last one in there for the skeptical people reading. There’s an eye witness to the horrible, compounding injuries of the half court shooter for your consideration.

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