Bystanders Watch In Horror As Man Whips It Out & Starts Peeing In The Concourse During Washington Vs. Oregon State Game

peeing in stadium college football

We’ve all been hit with the urge to go to the bathroom at inconvenient times at least once in our lives.

You know, you’re sitting in class in the middle of a test, or you’re driving down the road and there isn’t a gas station or restaurant even remotely close to you, and you’re sitting there fighting for your life.

Of course, the majority of us have the common sense and courtesy of waiting until we can find a restroom.

But this guy right here?

He had to pee so bad that he was willing to whip it out in front of everybody and cop a charge from law enforcement.

This wild video took place in Corvallis, Oregon on Saturday night, when the Oregon State Beavers took on the Washington Huskies.

I watched a bit of the game on TV, and you could see that it was absolutely POURING down rain, which is a recipe for disaster when you’re already several alcoholic beverages deep.

Needless to say, it appears this guy was hit with the urge at the worst time possible, and whipped it out in front of tons of people inside the stadium and started pissing by a table.

I mean SHEESH. What was going through this guy’s mind here? Did he lose his sanity? Was he so close to pissing his pants that he couldn’t make it to the restroom? Was he so drunk that he actually believed he was peeing in a urinal?

Who knows, but this is one of the wildest scenes I’ve seen in a minute.

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock