Banana Spider Pounces On Black Widow & Wraps It Up In Seconds

Spider fight

This might as well be another addition to the Spider Man universe with how much action is packed into this short video.

Have you ever seen two spiders battle it out in an loosely officiated fight? I know that might sound confusing, but it should make more sense when you see the video and find out how this fight came to be.

And keeping in “heavyweight title card” style, I’ll happily introduced the fighters as if you had just tuned into a pay-per-view event. Go ahead and make a fake, uneducated bet if you want to so you can really get the big fight vibe.

In one corner, you’ve got the intimidating Banana spider. It is known for its large size and its proficient ability to hunt and trap other insects. Spoiler alert, that may come into play in this battle with the other arachnid competitor.

In the other corner, you’ve got a Black Widow spider, which I’m sure you’ve heard plenty about. A bite from a Black Widow can actually be harmful to humans, and they get their name because the female Black Widows eat their male counterparts after they “get it on.” I feel like you wouldn’t want to mess with a spider that does that…

But this guy did, and basically set up a spider fight seemingly right outside of his home. The web of the Banana spider was already woven and hanging from the brick siding, so the guy grabbed the Black Widow with some tongs and placed it right onto the web, and the fight was on.

And there honestly wasn’t much of a fight, and it might not have been exactly fair to bring the Black Widow into the “home field” of the Banana spider. The widow initially starts climbing the web, but quickly retreats when it sees the larger Banana spider.

In seconds, the bigger Banana spider grans holds of the Black Widow and starts wrapping and rolling it in its web. I had no idea something like that could happen so fast, but in the end, the Banana spider made short work of the dangerous Black Widow.

Take a look:

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