Jake Worthington Joins Lauren Watkins For A Fresh Perspective On Heartbreak With “Fly On The Wall”

Lauren Watkins and Jake Worthington country music
Lauren Watkins

Introducing: The Heartbreak, and this pairing off it is stunning.

Lauren Watkins recruits Jake Worthington for a haunting new single, “Fly On The Wall.” For Lauren Watkins’ debut EP, she pulled in some heavy hitters, including the honky tonk twangs of Jake Worthington.

“‘Introducing: The Heartbreak’ is basically the next step in introducing myself and my music to the world.

First, I released ‘Introducing: Lauren Watkins,’ which was just saying, ‘here’s me, here’s where I came from, what I’m influenced by.’”

The Nashville native highlights the highs and lows of a love story. “Fly On The Wall” highlights one of the lows of a love story that has come to an end and the coping that comes with wishing you were still in the arms of the man.

The clever metaphor of a fly on the wall wishes that the narrator could see how he treats this woman differently from her and how she felt like she is treated like a fly on the wall, not being noticed.

“Oh, do you tell her that you love her
When you say it do you mean it
Or do you treat her like you treated me
Like a fly on the wall.”

Worthington’s verse highlights a man’s perspective of heartbreaking seeing his old flame move on, and his silky smooth vocals make the agonizing lyrics easy on the ears.

“Do you lose your mind
When he looks at you
Does my name come up
When you’ve had a few.”

Their authentic country sound together is so refreshing from a Nashville native. The honky tonk heartbreak track will have you replaying it instantly. The intentional lyrics highlight heartbreak in a new light and through thoughts I’m sure we’ve all had in a poetic way.

This is a duo I’d love to hear more of.

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