All Three ‘Jeopardy’ Contestants Miss Question On Who Sang “Friends In Low Places” & That’s What Happens When Nobody Can Find Your Music

Garth Brooks
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See what happens when nobody can listen to your music, Garth?

There’s no denying that Garth Brooks was one of the biggest superstars of the ’90s – not just in country music, but in any genre.

But it seems like Garth still thinks (or hopes) it’s the ’90s, and refuses to adapt to new ways of listening to music. He refuses to put his songs on Spotify or Apple Music, where the vast majority of listeners get their music these days, and the only place you can find Garth streaming is on the much smaller Amazon Music platform.

And he’s still releasing new music on CDs like it’s 1996, recently dropping a new album that was only available as part of a box set that you had to buy at Bass Pro Shop.

It’s like you have to go on a scavenger hunt to find Garth’s music. And when you do find it, you probably can’t listen to it anyway because nobody has a CD player these days. He would be better off releasing it on vinyl, because I’d be willing to bet more people have record players at this point than CD players.

But you do you, Garth.

Anyway, rant over.

Of course if you want to see what happens when nobody can listen to your music, look no further than this recent episode of Jeopardy, where contestants were asked questions about ’90s music – and nobody even recognized Garth Brooks.

The question was for $800, and contestants were shown a picture of Garth along with the answer:

“This country superstar’s “Friends In Low Places” was named CMA Single of the Year in 1991.”

And nobody got it. Not a single contestant even buzzed in to guess.

Now, it seems like that should have been an easy one no matter what. Even if you haven’t heard new music from Garth since before Y2K, how do you not at least know “Friends In Low Places?” It’s still (over)played everywhere.

Host Ken Jennings joked with the contestants as he revealed the answer:

“How soon we forget. That’s Chris Gaines’ alter ego, Garth Brooks.”

And the contestants clearly weren’t country music fans, with one of them mistakenly guessing Shania Twain for a question about who sang Sheryl Crow’s hit “All I Wanna Do.”

But maybe, just maybe, if Garth made even an attempt at staying relevant by making his music available to people who want to listen, somebody on Jeopardy would have remembered his song.

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