Bunnie Xo Destroys Troll Who Criticized Her For “Promoting Hoe Bag Music” While Her Dad Battles Cancer: “You Roach Motel Of A Human”

Bunnie Xo Jelly Roll
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I swear, every day I hop on the internet and see the worst of the worst out of people.

Too often it seems like people forget that when they say something online, there’s a real person reading it on the other side of the screen. That, or there are just a lot of terrible people out there exposing themselves in the comment sections. But I’d rather believe that’s not true for my own sanity…

But anyway, Bunnie Xo, the host of the Dumb Blonde Podcast and wife of rapper-turned-country superstar Jelly Roll, recently took the time to thoroughly destroy somebody who came at her in the comments amidst her father’s cancer battle.

Bunnie revealed the heartbreaking news a few months ago that her dad Bill was suffering from an aggressive form of cancer, and that “no treatments are working or will work.”

She took some time away from her husband’s Backroad Baptism tour to be with her dad, and at the end of September Bunnie moved her pops to Nashville in order to continue his treatment.

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Now, you’d think that people would be supportive of somebody having to deal with this, right?

As somebody who’s lost several people who were very close to me in the last year or so, I can tell you that there’s no right or wrong way to deal with these things, and I know the toll that it takes on you mentally to watch somebody you love go through that fight. And through it all, the rest of your life still goes on around you, and trying to balance that with caring for your loved ones can feel like an impossible task.

But apparently some people online can’t help but be assholes.

An internet troll left a comment on one of Bunnie’s videos, criticizing her for “promoting hoe bag music” while her father was in the hospital.

And Bunnie utterly destroyed them.

In a response on her Instagram story, Bunnie unfortunately revealed that Bill has been moved to hospice, but that she was still taking care of him while also trying to balance being a wife and mother at home.

“Actually you roach motel of a human, he was moved to hospice. But none of y’all know that because I’ve been dealing with him privately until my last video.

Not only am I moving an entire house & trying to make it a home for my family while trying to smile thru the heartbreak…I’m making sure my father wants for nothing.”

Bunnie Xo Instagram

Bunnie also expressed how thankful she was to have this time with her dad:

“I’ve been so blessed to have this time with him & I thank GOD for helping heal my inner little girl as well as my dad’s inner child.”

Bunnie Xo Instagram

And she also had a message for the hateful person who left the comment:

“So tired of people like you. I’m sure you call yourself a Christian too huh? I’ll pray for you sis.”

Bunnie Xo Instagram

Going through something like this is never easy, and it’s no wonder that celebrities choose to keep their personal lives private when random internet trolls seem to come out of the woodwork to criticize everything they do.

Just remember, even though somebody shares their personal life, doesn’t mean we see everything that’s going on. And that’s a real person on the other side of the screen – so just be f*cking nice.

But if that’s too hard, Bunnie has no problem putting you in your place.

Here’s to praying for healing and peace for Bill, and hoping that Bunnie and her dad get to enjoy the rest of their time together.

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