Bald Eagles Sound NOTHING Like You Thought They Did

Bald Eagles

Turns out that the movies have been lying to us this entire time.

Of course, that was made apparent by other things, like bears and deer being friends in children’s movies, or undersized football players that warm the bench coming in to win the game for their team (Rudy).

You can add “what bald eagles sound like” to that list as well, because apparently sound engineers have been overhyping our national bird’s screech for years. And let me set the record straight, this is by no means discrediting the bald eagle, because it’s still unequivocally badass.

This is just setting the record straight about the real sound that bald eagles make, since we’ve apparently been hearing a completely different big bird when we see bald eagles included in TV shows and films. Thanks to this post from “,” we can now all be aware of the actual sound our national bird makes, though it might have sounded a little bit more intimidating how we’ve seen it on screen.

In the video, two beautiful bald eagles can be seen “conversing” with one another using high speech screeches, and though I can’t explain exactly how it sounds through words, I can definitely say they don’t sound like what we are likely accustomed to believe.

The post’s caption reads:

“Movies and TV shows often use a red-tailed hawk’s vocalizations to represent a bald eagle, but here’s what they truly sound like.”

Isn’t that something?

A lot of social media users started sounding off in reply section below the video, but no one really seemed upset that we’ve been lied to by the movie and TV industry for years. Everyone was instead focused on how stunning bald eagles are, and how terrifying it would be to hear the sound of their screech if one was about to swoop down on you:

It’s actually the screech of the red-tailed hawk that you hear in the movies. The bald eagle’s voice actor, if you will…

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