Fans Unleash On The Raiders For Honoring Isaac Rochell’s Brother For Military Service Then Cutting Him 3 Hours Later

Isaac Rochell
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Another not great look for the Raiders…

If you follow the NFL at all, than you’re well aware of the never-ending saga of a season that the Las Vegas Raiders are in the midst of.

A firestorm of stories began spilling out of the locker room after the firing head coach Josh McDaniels (who was apparently quite the asshole), the benching of Jimmy Garoppolo, and Davante Adams admitting the long-term prospects of the team are bleak, which sent the entire franchise and fanbase into turmoil.

The fact that they’re sitting at 5-5 after barely squeaking out a win against the offense-less Jets didn’t do much to help the cause either…

Well, just tonight the Raiders made another public relations blunder, this time involving defensive end Isaac Rochell.

Rochell had started one game this season, played in 8, and saw a total of 153 snaps. He signed with the team over the offseason after playing the past 7 seasons with the Charges, Colts, and Browns. He’s also become somewhat of a fan favorite due to his and his wife’s presence on TikTok.

As you may have noticed, the NFL has been honoring the military this month with their Salute To Service campaign and part of that has been highlighting family members of current players who have made the sacrifice to serve in our nation’s military.

Just a few hours ago, the Raiders posted a video on X/Twitter where Rochell speaks at length on the respect he has for his brother Matt after hearing all of the challenges he faced not only going through his military training, but playing football at Air Force.

“It kind of puts things in perspective. Like for him, he got to school, he had his phone taken away, [went] straight into basic training.

So, for me seeing that, it kind of makes you take a step back. … They’re still in school, still playing football, but like I mentioned basic training, survival training, not having your phone when you’re 18, just getting to college.

Those are all things that build calluses and make you a little bit tougher.”

Obviously, that’s a cool thing to spotlight and in most circumstances it would be greeted with nothing but praise. But it turns out, the timing of it was…not great.

Turns out, the Raiders cut Rochell just hours after posting the video.

In fact, Rochell took to X to let everyone know had had been let go right after it had occurred, posting simply:

“I’ve been released by the Raiders”

Now, I get that the social media team is probably not well connected to the front office, but still, this is objectively another bad look for the team.

Rochell even called it out after the team posted their video.

“This is objectively really bad timing”

And as you may have guessed, the fans also had quite a bit to say and they didn’t hold back…

And there is plenty more where that came from out there now, with plenty more rolling in…

Gotta feel bad for whatever intern auto-scheduled or posted the video, but man, it’s just unacceptable. In a day and age where what you post online becomes official team statements, things like this just can’t happen.

Even with all of the shakeups that have occurred, and the fact the Antonio Pearce seems like the second coolest coach in the league (after Mike Tomlin of course), the Raiders are still the Raiders…

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