Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Sounds Off On “Really Disappointing” Season Amid Speculation On Bill Belichick’s Future

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Some weeks ago, news surfaced that the New England Patriots had signed Bill Belichick to a multiyear contract extension during the offseason. Seemed like a possible calculated leak from Belichick’s camp, but regardless, that deal doesn’t mean The Hoodie’s future in New England is secure.

Even though Belichick has a real argument as the best football coach ever, six Super Bowls on the resume isn’t enough if you lose as often as the Pats have afterwards. That’s why Pats owner Robert Kraft got on the mic in Frankfurt, Germany, as the Patriots geared up to take on the Colts on Sunday:

Kraft was hoping this change of scenery across the pond might make things better and that the Patriots could start drastically turning their season around from a 2-7 start. Alas, if the first half against the Colts is any indication, this iteration of Belichick’s New England outfit is confirmed to be among the worst he’s ever had.

Mac Jones took five sacks before the midway intermission, including four at the hands of Indy’s Dayo Odeyingbo.

The Patriots tried an all-out punt block with no return man deep. Came up empty.

If I were as accustomed to winning at such a high rate as Kraft has been during his ownership tenure, I’d just wait till the end of the year and send Belichick on his way.

The owner and coach have always reportedly had a bit of a frosty relationship when things were going well. Can’t imagine it’s super cordial these days, especially with how few viable solutions Belichick has served up for a rather anemic offense lacking in upper-tier skill position talent.

It’s wild that Ian Rapoport is out here discussing Belichick’s future and the mere possibility of firing him in-season. Seemed inconceivable that we’d ever reach this point.

The problem with Belichick going to another team is that he has a very specific system. He’ll bring all the credibility in the world, yet getting players to buy in could prove difficult. His top assistants have struggled mightily to adapt the Patriot Way outside of Foxborough, including the most recent failure among Belichick minions, Josh McDaniels.

But maybe a change of scenery is just what Belichick needs. Wouldn’t it be hilarious, too, if Kraft was the one who sprung the leak of that doorbell cam video of Belichick exiting a residence shirtless?

I can’t wait to see all the mud-slinging that’s about to ensue between Belichick and Kraft as this thing continues to head toward a likely divorce. We’re talking psychological warfare of the highest order. Bring it on. Best-case scenario for New England is that Kraft pulls off a trade, and that seems most likely at this point. D

o you really want to be the guy who fires Bill Belichick? Tough sell to the fan base, no matter how you spin it or what the actual low point of this lost 2023 season is.

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