Did Bill Belichick Get Caught Doing A Shirtless Walk Of Shame? The Internet Sounds Off

Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick, is that you?

The New England Patriots are hands down in the middle of their worst season in quite a long time. Long gone are the days of dominance and here now are the pains of rebuilding a team that not so long ago was the greatest dynasty in NFL history, and that’s coming from a jaded Steelers fan.

Currently sitting at 2-7, the team is going through it, with analysts and former players alike blasting the team, and just the other weekend, their president Jonathan Craft apparently saying that the team is “nowhere near good enough”

While there’s plenty of blame to go around, most people are pointing the finger at their longtime (and legendary) coach Bill Belichick, who some people believe hasn’t adapted enough to the modern game and is holding the team back from whatever their potential can be.

Going from absolutely adored and almost worshiped by New England fans to being called the reason your team is so horrible has to be tough on ole no-sleeves-on-a-sweatshirt Billy, and now a video has made its way online which appears to show Belichick stumbling out of a random house after a long, long night, which at surface level doesn’t seem like it’s going to be doing him any favors.

To be fair, no one has confirmed this yet, but after watching it a few times, it’s kind of hard to not say the guy at least looks A LOT like Belichick…

Belichick got divorced from his first wife back in 2006 and then followed that up with a 16 year relationship that sadly ended in September of this year, so there isn’t some scandalous affair brewing, but it does beg the question (if this is true) of what a no nonsense, football is the only thing that matters coach is doing sneaking shirtless out of a random house…

While I’m not able to solve this, the wonderful people of X sure had somethings to say about it and the reactions ranged from shock that this video would be posted, to fans calling him a joke, to fans saying they’re back in love with him, to some hilarious jokes, to rumors that it’s a cheerleaders house, to honestly every other imaginable reaction.

I mean, at least someone from the Patriots is scoring, right?

The jury is still out on if this is even a real video, but it does look like him…

Hey, even when you try to only live and breathe football, people still have people urges. While I don’t want the Patriots to get good again (considering they kind of ruined most of my childhood sports watching years), I do have to agree with how Boston Connor from the Pat McAfee show reacted…

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