Small Bass Has No Quit, Narrowly Evades The Death Bite From A Heron

Heron bass

So much heart.

And that’s nature folks. Either keep fighting or die. It’s a balanced system all around. Waterbodies are home to so much life and provide food to animals beneath the surface, as well as on land. Birds benefit from these so much, with many living right on them.

Heron are one of those birds. They are predators built for water, with long legs and a long neck for standing and grabbing their meals. They eat a ton of fish with it making up a majority of their diet.

This heron was caught in action with a bass in its mouth. The photographer caught a wild moment at nature all in slow motion. The bird thought it had dinner and flipped up the small bass to eat it in one bite. Sensing freedom, the bass wiggles and gets itself turned to avoid being swallowed.

The bird juggles and tries to swallow the fish, but it keeps flopping just enough to avoid it. Finally, the fish completely breaks free and gets back into the wild.

That was a close one, but that is one fish with some fight.

Better luck next time to the bird.

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