Zach Bryan Is A REAL One Introducing His Security Guard To Chris Stapleton At The CMA Awards

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While Zach Bryan did not take home a CMA Award last night, his name was very much there.

While Bryan made the statement last year that he did not want to be considered for a CMA:

“Guys, I don’t and will never want to be considered at the CMAs. My pride is fine and I appreciate all the love and support, and I say it with every ounce of respect to other country artists.”

This year, he was nominated for New Artist of the Year, and winner Jelly Roll gave ZB a much-deserved shoutout during his acceptance speech.

“Zach Bryan, I think you are one of the hottest things on Earth, not just country music. You deserve this as much as anybody else. I love you. I’m glad we’re sitting there partying the rest of the night.”

As the two sat next to each other during the awards show, a budding friendship appeared before our eyes. Now, it might be a little early to speak on this, but this is a collaboration I will need down the road.

While Zach Bryan seemed just happy to be there last night, one thing is for sure: his name is KNOWN across country music. While Bryan was having fun, his security guard took home a real prize.

A handshake from Chris Stapleton.

“It’s, uh, not me introducing my security guard, Will, to uh….to Chris Stapleton.” 

Bryan shared on his Instagram after the awards show concluded. The two are filled with giggles in the car before Bryan says:


And that is how you treat your people right.

@whiskeyriff W for ZB’s security. // 🎥: @Zach Bryan (Instagram) #whiskeyriff #cmaawards #zachbryan #chrisstapleton ♬ original sound – Whiskey Riff

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