Minnesota Is Holding A Contest To Redesign Their State Flag & Someone Submitted A Picture Of Their Dog For Consideration

Minnesota flag dog
State of Minnesota

This is what you get when you open up an important decision to the public.

The state of Minnesota is currently holding a public contest to choose redesigns for its state seal and state flag, and it is going just about as well as you would expect. Just as well as when South Carolina tried to allow for residents to name a new bridge, and it got named after Harambe (RIP).

Though there are a number of very serious respectable designs for the new state flag, there are also just as many that don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell in being chosen, and one of those “joke entries” is getting more attention than any of the actual submissions.

The Minnesota State Emblems Redesign Commission posted more than 2,000 entries that they received for the contest on a website that just went live, and let me tell you, every single one of them is art at its purest form.

There are a lot of flags with lake themes, loons, stars, fish, you know, all of the things that Minnesota is known for. And then there are some flags that are just plain silly, though one stands out above the rest, and has been getting some attention on social media.

This post from X (formerly Twitter, you know the drill) below has brought a lot of eyes to Minnesota’s flag redesign contest, and rightfully so. Someone basically said “hey, you know what would represent the state well? A vertical picture of my pet dog.”


Now, they would most likely have to edit the photo to where it was the appropriate orientation for a flag (landscape, not portrait), but that shouldn’t be too hard. I can’t think of anything else that would represent the state of Minnesota better than this beautiful snapshot of a “good boy” in front of a corn field.

And I say that, but there were a number of other phenomenal submission for the Minnesota state flag redesign contest that I would be perfectly happy to see flying up on a flagpole.

To save you some time, I went through and collected the best of the best, along with their submission numbers, and gave titles to each of them.

I can assure you that all of the flags that are included below are real submissions:

“The WINNER (Fingers Crossed)”

“The Patriotic Collage”

“The ‘Put It Up On The Fridge’ Loon”

“The “That’s Literally California’s State Flag'”

“The Imperfect Perfection”

“The Bigfoot/Chewbacca Surfboard”

“The Microsoft Paint Laser-Eyed Loon”

“The Mosquito Ripoff”

The commission has their hands full narrowing down the thousands of submissions down to five finalists, and then eventually one winner in December.

Hopefully this article saves them some time though, and they can just slightly modify the dog picture and choose it (or any of these other masterpieces I included).

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