Kenny Chesney Announces New Single “Take Her Home”

Kenny Chesney
Allister Ann

Dropping when the clock strikes midnight.

Kenny Chesney is back, and he is letting everyone know it. Coming off the news of his Sun Goes Down Tour, which kicks off in 2024, and playing tribute to Jimmy Buffett during the CMA Awards last night, he has officially announced his next project.

A song highlighting everything important in life, titled “Take Her Home.” He shared a teaser of the track on Instagram afterward, and it seems like Beach Kenny is letting Heartfelt Kenny drive the train of this single.

“When I heard “Take Her Home,” I just laughed. It was everything life is made of in less than four minutes. It’s true, honest and all the stuff that’s easy to forget.

All those details and little moments? The deep cut Cheap Trick, the black-and-pink suitcase in the back of the truck, a 7 pound, 5 ounce baby? That’s what makes these kinds of life changes what they are. And it’s funny: no matter what stage you’re in, you really are always scared. That’s how you know it’s gonna be worth it.”

Even from the short snippet of the heavily acoustic track shared on social media, it sounds like it will be a tear-jerker.

“It’s amazing how simple figuring life out can be,” Chesney says. “I look around, and I see people in every state of this song every day. It’s part of the miracle of being alive. Even when it’s not happening to you, it’s happening to someone you love – whether your friend, a brother or sister, co-worker – and that feeling comes right back.

I can’t wait to hear people singing this one back to us because it’s going to be one of those moments. I just know.”

Chesney continues explaining the track’s power and the feeling that it just clicked with him from the first listen.

Every now and then, you find a song that just feels right. There’s an honesty about life that you can’t just churn out. Finding songs that ring true? When you hear one, you grab it – and that’s a lot of how this song happened.

We were trying to decide what to lead with, and someone sent me this demo… and I knew. No more discussion. We had the song – and a great time turning it into a record. Real life? There’s nothing like it.”

It looks like I will be staying up to hear this ditty. A track that is already spoken about so highly must be worth a late-night listen.

If you are looking for some Kenny Chesney listening now, run back to the CMA Awards tribute as Chesney and Mac McAnally opened the performance with “A Pirate Looks At Forty.”

All of the greats honoring one of the greatest… it can’t be beat.

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