Lainey Wilson Recalls Meeting Jelly Roll Back In 2014 As An Extra In His Music Video: “I Never Got $100, But He’s Repaying Me”

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Jelly Roll has racked up quite the list of first impression stories.

We have another crowned jewel story from the BBR/BMG CMA Awards Pre Party. Last night, after Jason Aldean shared his first interaction story with Jelly Roll, Lainey Wilson chimed in with a (dare I say it) much better first meeting story.

Lainey Wilson had quite the time when she first moved to Nashville. She has spoken about her time living in a camper in her friend’s front yard trying to make it in the industry, and apparently, she also wasn’t shy of the camera when she first came to town, appearing in a music video or two.

Little would a younger Lainey Wilson know that one of the people she met while being an extra on a set would become one of her biggest hit’s co-stars, Jelly Roll. The “Save Me” singers met in 2014 when Jelly Roll shot a music video with Uncle Kracker.

“They needed extras, and I heard they were going to be paying like 100 bucks for the whole day. So I went, and I was in this music video as one of the “drunk girls” passed out on the ground.”

What a full-circle moment for the two as they both share the stage leading up to one of the most esteemed (according to them) nights in country music. While the two are buds and labelmates now, Wilson points fingers at Jelly Roll that she never got her pay for that hard day’s worth of work.

“I don’t even think you can see me in the music video, but I never got my $100… but he’s repaying me, he’s repaying me.”

Jelly Roll chuckles into the microphone and says the next bar tab is on him. It only took nearly a decade to get even with Wilson, but you know what they say…better late than never.

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The video she was talking about is for a song called “Sunday Morning” featuring Uncle Kracker… and yep, after watching the video, I can’t confirm or deny that Lainey was ever in it.

Later in the evening, you can find Jelly Roll singing word for word alongside Wilson’s performance of “Watermelon Moonshine.” Jelly Roll is a champion for his friends, and this moment highlights the goodness in his heart as he supports Wilson.

You love to see moments like this.

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