Yung Gravy Teases “Serving Country” Collaboration With Shania Twain

Yung Gravy Shania Twain

Yung Gravy goes country.

Last week, we saw rapper Yung Gravy absolutely vibing during a Shania Twain concert in Louisville, Kentucky.

@hazely22 Yung Gravy absolutely jamming to Shania Twain tonight in Louisville. I love the energy and the fringe jacket. @Yung Gravy 🍯 #shania #shainiatwain #yunggravy #concert #louisville #kfcyumcenter ♬ original sound – hazely k.

While he’s teased in the past that he was interested in collaborating with Twain, that thought was eight months ago and was pushed to the back of our minds…until that concert video surfaced.

Of course, when you see artists supporting other artists, you can’t help but think if they are there to hit the studio while stopping through each others’ cities.

Well, this time, our suspicions turned into a reality when Yung Gravy took to TikTok to share a clip of him and Shania Twain in the studio together working on some new music.

“‘Serving Country’ coming soon.” 

The video footage of the two in the recording booth shows Twain helping Gravy with his vocals, as he is not familiar with making music that isn’t rap. What a coach he has to help him figure out how to hit notes as he taps into his vocal ability…

While most people tease a collaboration with a few lines from the song, Gravy teases it with the criticism Twain is giving him.

The best part about this video is realizing the DRASTIC height difference between the artists. At first watch, I didn’t notice anything till it zoomed in, and you see Twain squatting down a little. Naturally, that didn’t sit well, as I know Gravy is taller than six feet, and Twain is most definitely not.

Then I realized that she has to stand on a chair to reach the microphone. Even standing on the chair, Twain’s feet hit about where Gravy’s knees start.

Regardless of the height difference, Gravy Twain will serve up some good stuff…I can feel it.

Eyes are officially peeled for a “Serving Country” release date.

@yunggravy “Serving Country” coming soon ❤️🤠 #servingcountry #soundcloudcowboy ♬ original sound – Yung Gravy 🍯

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