Yung Gravy Spotted Absolutely Vibing To Shania Twain’s “You’re Still The One”

Young Gravy and Shaina Twain

Yung Gravy…BIG Shania, man.

One of the more interesting rappers to watch these days, from his TikTok fame alone, you are guaranteed to get a good laugh when viewing his content. While some of it might be for show and view, like taking his chance to shoot his shot with Lainey Wilson, Yung Gravy is entertaining, to say the least.

After seeing this video, though, he might be genuine when it comes to her internet persona. A fan whipped out their phone over the weekend to film the rapper VIBING during the Shania Twain concert in Louisville, Kentucky.

The Minnesota native is sporting an outfit Shania Twain even approved of, rockin’ a jean jacket with a metallic-looking fringe coming off the sleeves, with a “Let’s Go Girls” shirt on underneath.

Shania Twain is performing “You’re Still The One,” which often puts fans in their feelings as the song sings about holding onto someone you love and celebrating being together despite struggles, but not Yung Gravy. He is seen doing a little groovy dance and letting the music move him:

@hazely22 Yung Gravy absolutely jamming to Shania Twain tonight in Louisville. I love the energy and the fringe jacket. @Yung Gravy 🍯 #shania #shainiatwain #yunggravy #concert #louisville #kfcyumcenter ♬ original sound – Haley K

Shania later brought him up on stage, telling the crowd how much she loved him.

“I’m just in love with the guy’s voice, I just want him to sing something. Like just sing anything, Gravy.” 

She then holds the mic up to him, and he gives the crowd a signature line with his silky smooth deep voice.

“What’s good, baby.” 

@itsbrittanybitch1309 I fully support a Shania + Yung Gravy collab! 😍 #yunggravy #shaniatwain #letsgogirls #louisville ♬ original sound – Britt

Maybe these two hit the studio while Shania was in town, and we will be getting that collab Yung Gravy chatted about during a Spotify New Artist Party in L.A. interview earlier this year.

And of course the original music video:

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A beer bottle on a dock