Eagles Assistant Coach Matt Leo Denies Wearing A Red Thong, But The Internet Isn’t Convinced

Eagles coach wearing a thong

It’s really nobody’s business when it comes to whatever Aussie Philadelphia Eagles assistant coach Matt Leo has going on Down Under. That is, unless TV cameras happen to catch you on the sidelines getting trucked by your own players to reveal an alleged red thong beneath your pants.

Leo has taken to social media to clarify that he was not, in fact, wearing a red thong — we totally believe him, right? — but opined that he might’ve discovered a lucky pair of undies.

Of course, the internet isn’t exactly buying his denial:

I don’t know, Mr. Leo. The Eagles have soared above any concerns about a Super Bowl loss hangover and are 8-1 so far. Unless you were rocking these scarlet bad boys all along, even the most superstitious person in the world probably won’t allow you to claim that your loud-colored “briefs” are some sort of good luck charm.

True, Philadelphia is undefeated since the totally-not-a-thong underwear of Leo’s was revealed. Beating the Dallas Cowboys 28-23 was a massive win. A head-to-head dub over the closest NFC East rival is huge for Philly’s bid to earn the No. 1 seed in the NFC.

To each their own when it comes to fashion. I’m not here to police that. In fact, I would’ve respected it more if Leo had come out and said, “Yup, you got me. It’s totally a thong/G-string/what have you.” Get your Magic Mike on, baby!! No shame in that.

Who wouldn’t want a little extra breathing room in the nether regions when pacing the sidelines? The competitive intensity of an NFL game alone is enough to make somebody sweat. Maximum ventilation would be my general undergarment modus operandi, were I in Leo’s shoes.

If the plot thickens on this compelling human interest story, I’ll be sure to provide further updates. For now, let’s take Matt Leo as a man of his word, and pull for him to get that undies endorsement deal he’s angling for.

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