Texas A&M Defensive Lineman Shemar Turner Was Ejected For The Most Flagrant Punch To The Nuts You’ll Ever See On A Football Field

Shemar Turner college football

Those big boys in the trenches know how to get nasty. Realizing that, whatever anyone on Ole Miss said or did to Texas A&M defensive lineman Shemar Turner for him to pop off like this, there is simply no room for it in any walk of life.

This wasn’t some middle school playful nut tap amongst friends — those people grow up to suck at life, FYI — this was a grown-a** football player using all his might to wallop a dude in the crotchular section.

Ole Miss right tackle Micah Pettus is the man who punishes Turner into the turf initially. Pettus pretty much teabags Turner on the way up. Not on purpose. He has his hands up as if to say he’s innocent. I guess that’s what implored Turner to see red, and rage-slam his fist into Pettus’ nuts.

Hey, Shemar Turner! You’re outta here!

Get. The f*ck. Out.

I don’t even know what else to say here. I mean don’t get me wrong, it is laugh-out-loud hilarious. As long as Pettus isn’t seriously injured or his reproductive organs no longer function. That’s honestly in play given the pain Turner was dishing out here.

My hunch is, Pettus probably had a protective cup on given his stoic reaction to the crotch shot. You better strap up that jock if you’re on the offensive line, right? What kind of unhinged human wouldn’t have that kind of fortification below the belt with all the weirdness that can happen at the bottom of those post-line of scrimmage scrumming pile of bodies?

It’s one thing for skill players not to protect their nads so they can maximize their speed. I’d still struggle to commit to that. I had a suitemate in college (Miami of Ohio) who played wide receiver. Gave me my first feature story in the student newspaper when he went to Steelers training camp. Shoutout Armand Robinson.

I believe they were playing against the Florida Gators. I checked. Yup. The 2010 season opener. Armand caught a pass right near the goal line. The Florida DB was trying to wrestle the ball away, and when they went to the ground, the dude just started straight up punching Armand in the groin. Relentlessly.

Scumbag behavior. Armand retaliated and shoved him once they got up. Got a 15-yard penalty for his troubles. It’s been so many years since that happened but it was one of those stories you don’t forget many details of.

Would you look at that! I tracked down the play-by-play from ESPN! This really happened…

“3rd & Goal at FLA 8 (13:36 – 4th) Zac Dysert pass complete to Armand Robinson for 7 yards to the Fla 16, MIAMI OH penalty 15 yard personal foul accepted.”

Confusingly/incorrectly worded. We got there in the end, though.

Anyway, what Texas A&M’s Shemar Turner did here is just wild behavior. I hope he’s suspended for the next game. One mere ejection isn’t enough.

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